LEAP is a federally funded program that helps eligible Coloradans pay a portion of home heating costs

It is not intended to pay the entire cost of heating, but to help during the colder months


 To receive help from this program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You pay home heating costs either directly to a utility company or to a landlord as part of rent (and you do not live in subsidized housing); and

  • You are in a household with a US citizen or legal resident; valid forms of identification include: CO driver’s license or CO ID card, US Military ID card or Military Dependent’s ID card, US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner card, Native American Tribal document

  • Your household income is within 60% of state median (income limits change each LEAP season, so check each year)

Ways you can apply for LEAP:

Please make sure that you answer all questions on the application and provide all requested documentation/verification with your completed application. Make sure that you read, completesign and date where required.

Failure to provide a complete application and submit required verification will delay processing and can lead to your application getting declined.

Continue paying your heating bill, as LEAP assistance will not pay your entire bill!



heat emergency?

If you are without heat, the Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) can help. CIP coordinates emergency repair and/or replacement of your heating system.

Services are repair of failed furnaces/boilers or replacement of failed heating systems. Qualifications are 1) your primary heating source isn’t working and 2) you qualify & are approved for low-income energy assistance (LEAP)

CIP does not provide maintenance but will help get your heat back on if it goes out.

CIP help line: 1.855.469.4328

more ways to save on utilities: