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Senior Assistance Center Mission

The Senior Assistance Center has provided valuable services to vulnerable senior citizens since 1981.  The SAC mission is to promote the self-sufficiency of all seniors in Colorado and to ensure that no senior goes without the necessities of life, including food, shelter, and public services.

During the last fiscal year, the Senior Assistance Center (SAC) continued to provide financial assistance to seniors to prevent eviction, utility shutoff and for medical equipment. SAC also provided food at our food bank, clothing, blankets and other services as shown below.

  • Kept 22 families from becoming homeless
  • Kept utilities connected for 324 families
  • Provided emergency food assistance to 355 families

During the year the SAC:

  • Distributed 8,561 bags of food
  • Provided 22 wheelchairs or other medical equipment
  • Provided 1,160 seniors with clothing or blankets
  • Distributed 653 government commodities
  • Distributed 2596 bus token
  • Delivered 2193 Meals on Wheels
  • Distributed 307 tickets to cultural or sporting events

In addition to those services the 19 staff members of SAC and over 365 volunteers provided the senior community with information and referral, gave on-the-job training and offered a senior citizens job program. Community members and our Board of Directors volunteered an estimated 6,792 hours in the last fiscal year.