RTD Reduced Fare Program

Please note: RTD has revised pricing and nonprofit program discounts for 2019. SAC will continue to offer passes at the most affordable rate possible as long as we have funding available.

Eligible clients (55+) can register and purchase monthly RTD passes at reduced fares.


Payments for the next month’s passes accepted

through the 3rd Wednesday of the previous month

Bring ID and proof of household income to register. Payments must be made in cash, exact change only.

Call or e-mail to make an appointment to register and purchase passes.

Open office hours: 10AM-2PM Tuesday & Wednesday

Monthly Pass Price
   Local Regular $25
   Local Discount* $25
   Regional Regular $99
   Regional Discount* $99

*The Senior Special Discount Card (SDC) provides a 50 percent fare discount for people ages 65+ on all regular bus and train service. The Individuals with Disabilities Special Discount Card (SDC) provides a 50 percent fare discount for individuals with disabilities on all regular bus and train service. Individuals riding with discount fare products must be able to present proof of eligibility to RTD drivers or fare inspectors when boarding. If you are not eligible to use a discount fare you will need to continue ordering full-fare products. Discount fare products are not valid on Access-A-Ride.