Kroenke Sports Volunteers

These 3 volunteers came and helped get our Mobile Food Van stocked and ready to go to one of our many off site locations to distribute self-selected food items for seniors.  We appreciate our volunteers immensely.  We could not accomplish our mission without them.

Humana Volunteer at work.

A group of 9 from Humana came and volunteered to help in any way they could.  We appreciate all their efforts in some of the most mundane jobs. Their efforts make such a big difference in the operation of the Senior Assistance Center.


Young Accordion Player spreads joy to Seniors at Volunteer Holiday Party

Young Henry only 8 years old enjoys playing his accordion for folks to bring joy to their lives.  But this young musician not only brings joy thru his playing he also donates all of his earnings to the Senior Assistance Center to help those in need.  He exemplifies the spirit of the Holidays.  We thank Henry for his generous gifts to the Senior Assistance Center.

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