Friendly Visitor Program

Volunteer in Friendly Visitor Program with a Senior.

The Friendly Visitor Program is designed to help senior citizens maintain independent living. Friendly Visitor volunteers provide for able-bodied seniors who prefer the warm, familiar surroundings of their own home to living in a senior facility or someone else’s household.

The number of seniors living alone in our community with no assistance, no family or friends nearby is staggering. The loneliness and sense of isolation are depressing and destructive. The Senior Assistance Center matches kind, caring, volunteers to spend about two hours per week with isolated seniors living at home. Typical actives include, home visits, reading, walking, shopping, running errands, or a phone call just to chat or to check on a senior’s welfare, assist with hobbies or other special interests.

What Does a friendly Visitor Do? 

Friendly visitors volunteers build relationships with seniors, providing companionship, emotional support, and mentoring.

Support is tailored to individual needs.

  • Sharing meals
  • Providing transportation for shopping trips or doctors appointments 
  • Reading books, taking a walk
  • Assistance with hobbies or other special interests
  • A Phone call to check on a senior’s welfare

What about Costs? The Friendly Visitor Program is strictly a volunteer program. Visitors are not paid for their services. Donations, corporate sponsorship can be made out to the Senior Assistance Center to defray the costs of the operating program. If you know of a senior who is in need of a friendly visitor please contact Sandy Brown at  303-964-9623 or by email at