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Our Mission The Senior Assistance Center has provided valuable services to vulnerable senior citizens since 1981.  Our mission is to promote the self-sufficiency of all seniors in Colorado and to ensure that no senior goes without the necessities of life, including food, shelter, and public services.  Please click here to read more about our mission.

Senior Assistance Center selection of foodFOOD BANK

Our Food bank is happening every Thursday here at our center.

From 10:00 AM till Noon every Thursday we have a Food Bank for Seniors.  There is no cost to our Seniors. 

Mobile Food Bank

The Mobile Food Bank sets up a self-select array of food items at five different locations each month. click here for more information regarding Mobile Food Bank

Utilities Payment Program

Call first to schedule an eligibility appointment 303-455-9642 Monday-Thursday 10:00 A.M-2:00 P.MSenior Assistance Center Utilities Program

Our Food bank is happening every Thursday here at our center.


The Senior Assistance Center thanks everyone who donated to our agency yesterday during Colorado Gives Day! Your generosity will help us support..

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WISH LIST WEDNESDAY ✳Now that Denver is getting a blanket of snow, we need blankets for our seniors. The link offers other giving opportunities..

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✨ SUPPORT the Senior Assistance Center TODAY!!!✨ You can make a difference! Colorado Gives Day! ✨http://bit.ly/29i7p8G⚡ Your support..

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 We wish to thank you all that donated on Colorado Gives Day to the Senior Assistance Center.  Without your help, we could not continue to serve our Senior Citizens. Your support is much appreciated!!!

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Our  mission at the Senior Assistance Center is to promote the self-sufficiency of all senior citizens in Colorado, to ensure that no senior citizen goes without the necessities of life, including food, shelter, and public service.

 Senior Assistance Center

The Senior Assistance Center offers many services to seniors in our community.

Stop by and see what Senior Assistance Center can do for you. 

The following are our Program Services :

Each week on Thursday we provide a Food Bank at our location from 10:00am until Noon   We distribute Government Commodities once a month   Emergency Food Assistance   Pay past-due Utility Bills   Rental Assistance on a case-by-case basis   Durable Medical Equipment loaners at NO charge   Bus Fare Assistance   Case Counselling and Information Referral Services   Volunteer Positions Available   ArtReach Cultural Ticket Program   Senior Employment Program   Deliver Meals on Wheels

If you know of a senior who may need our help please have them call us at 303-455-9642, or come into our offices at  2839 W. 44th Avenue  Denver ♥ CO   80211

Our Hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm.


When you shop at Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate to SAC .  Support us when you shop Amazon by logging on to Amazon using this url –  https://smile.amazon.com/ch/74-2270678  or click on the button below.  We thank you for your continued support.

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We have had an onsite Food Bank helping Seniors for over 34 years. Each Thursday between 10:00 AM – 12:00PM the Senior Assistance Center provides a self-select supplemental food bank.


Our mobile food bank volunteers & staff distribute food to homebound seniors.  We transport food goods weekly to over 125 seniors living in affordable senior housing complexes.  Our goal for 2016 is to expand our service to over 500 seniors weekly.

Click here to access Mobile Food Bank schedule.


There are times in everyone’s lives when they are in need of financial assistance.  Due to the rising cost of utilities it is easy to understand how one can fall behind on bills.  If you are a senior that is faced with a disconnection notice or if you have fallen behind on your bill, we can help.

Top 10 Reasons to Support the Senior Assistance Center

  • 10. The Senior Assistance Center has been serving seniors for over 35 years. Many people say that we are a cornerstone of the Northwest Denver community.
  • 9. Each Thursday our food bank, located at 2839 West 44th Ave., serves nearly 200 people.
  • 8. Our clothing bank is a great place for men and women to get something new and seasonally appropriate for their wardrobe. We have also expanded our inventory so people can also find household items, books, and videos.
  • 7. When there is a need for medical equipment that can help a senior recover from a medical emergency or illness, the Senior Assistance Center is there to lend the item free of charge and for as long as needed.
  • 6. Many of our seniors rely exclusively on public transportation to get to appointments, work, and activities. The Senior Assistance Center is able to provide bus tokens or reduced monthly bus passes.
  • 5. Our friendly visitors are a breath of sunshine for seniors who are shut-in. The friendly visitors are there routinely and provide a helping hand, listening ear and a sense of security for people living alone.
  • 4. Our mobile food banks go out to senior housing complexes and set up a market of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products and canned goods. This helps “the hidden hungry” in our community routinely access healthy food.
  • 3. The Senior Assistance Center is able to offer free tickets to many cultural and fun events in Denver. The tickets are used by seniors who want to be entertained and included. As one senior put it “I look forward to the events, they make me feel alive!”
  • 2. Our staff and volunteers are truly the heart of our organization. Each day they help seniors get back on track and thrive. We do important work at the Senior Assistance Center.
  • 1. Our vision for the future is clear – we want to serve as many seniors as we can and improve and expand our services based on the needs of our community. With your support, we can ensure that seniors are assisted and made to feel valuable.

Each day the Senior Assistance Center has the golden opportunity to make an important and positive difference in the lives of seniors throughout the Denver metro area. The Senior Assistance Center relies on the generosity of our community to provide these services.

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Your Money at Work!

The Senior Assistance Center can lleverage your $1.00 donation into $10.00 worth of food.When you donate a dollar to the Senior Assistance Center you are giving this agency the POWER to leverage your money into healthy food options for seniors in the Denver Metro area.

The Senior Assistance Center staff can buy surplus food directly from food vendors at greatly reduced pricing.  We also are part of Feeding America that provides fresh and healthy food at pennies on the dollar.


With your help we will continue to provide food at our five weekly food banks, we will assist seniors with their utility bills, provide bus tokens and arrange visits for seniors that are home bound.
The Senior Assistance Center operates on the generosity of our community.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Donate Today at Colorado Gives

Compelling testimonials of Senior Assistance Center Help

To read additional testimonials click the button.go to testimonial page

Never in my wildest dreams….

Desperate man on Park Bench

Never in my wildest dream did I think I would be the homeless man on the park bench!  Yet here I am.  I am so scared that I only sleep during the day.  I walk at night.  I feel so vulnerable! Sometimes I am lucky enough to get into a shelter.  Mothers shush their children when they see me, and often cross the street.  I love kids.  I spent my entire working life teaching 6th grade in one of Denver’s Elementary Schools.  I made some investments that crashed along with the economy.  I’ve lost my family, my home, my self-respect.  I get my social security check, but it’s not enough to pay a deposit on an apartment.  Sometimes I will get a motel room for the night so that I can shower and do my laundry.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not an alcoholic or a drug addict.

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If you know of a senior who may need our help, please have them call us at 303-455-9642.

Grandmother helping to raise two grandchildren

Grandmother with two grandchildren - Senior Assistance Center providing for themI always thought I would retire in Florida. Little did I know……….

“I am so grateful to the Senior Assistance Center for their weekly foodbanks.  I am able to select fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products.  Right now I am helping to raise my two young grandchildren so having this food in my refrigerator is a Godsend.  I realize now I am needed in Denver so Florida is no longer part of my plan – the Senior Assistance Center is!”
Gloria, 74 year-old grandmother

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If you know of a senior who may need our help, please have them call us at 303-455-9642.

Note for help on doorLittle notes on my Door

When I moved into Senior Housing last December I realized that many of my new neighbors didn’t drive, so I let everyone know that I worked at the Senior Assistance Center and that I could assist them by bringing food to home for them from our Thursday food bank.   I think everyone was slightly embarrassed by my offer – most seniors are proud people and it is difficult to take what they consider a handout.

A few days later, I got a little note on my apartment door written in shaky, but perfect penmanship.  “I am really hungry.  I had to pay some unexpected bills this month and I paid for them with my food money.  Can you find it in your heart to share some food from the Senior Assistance Center, please?”  The note was not signed.  I set out a bag of canned food, cereal, powdered milk and some paper supplies by my door the same evening.  I put a note in the bag asking the person to please let others know to leave a note on my door if they needed any food.  Continue Reading this Testimonial

If you know of a senior who may need our help, please have them call us at 303-455-9642.

Senior Assistance Center
2839 W 44th. Ave.
Denver, CO 80211-1428
Phone: 303-455-9642

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