We have been providing valuable services to older adults and seniors since 1981. Now more than ever, we appreciate your support as we work to tailor our services to the contemporary needs of our community.

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We have moved our offices. Our entrance is now on the west side of the building facing Elm Ct!

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a veteran in need

Veteran in despair gives testimonialJoe heard about the Senior Assistance Center from a friend. He knew he needed help, but didn’t know where to turn. Joe had been in the Army during WWII. He and his wife worked hard all their lives and thought they could make it on Social Security and a small pension in retirement. The cost of living and Joe’s medical conditions altered their retirement plans. Now Joe has huge medical bills. Joe had never asked for help before. He was a proud and hardworking man. He survived WWII and was thankful to provide for his family. Now he came to SAC in despair.

Senior Assistance Center was able to help Joe and his wife by paying their past due Xcel Energy bill and provided assistance applying for LEAP to help with heating costs during the bitter winter months. We offered emergency supplies and gave them information about our partner food bank. We told them about CSFP – a monthly box of commodities. Joe really needed help with his medical condition. We were able to find a walker and shower chair. Joe and his wife went home knowing they had options for help and were not alone.

Senior Assistance Center operates on the generosity of our community.  

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